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You might think that you’re making conscientious decisions for your health. However, it’s easy to overlook that the following so-called healthy habits are bad for your teeth.

Brushing Your Teeth Right After A Meal

It’s essential to brush your teeth at least two times a day, but brushing them immediately after a meal can damage them. This happens because acidic food and drinks briefly soften the enamel, which you can remove by brushing. Wait at least half an hour to brush your teeth after eating to give your saliva time to reduce the acidity in your mouth so that your enamel time to resolidify.

You Don’t Combat Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can occur as a result of some health conditions and medications that are intended to keep you healthy. Cottonmouth isn’t just annoying, however. People with dry mouth are at higher risk of tooth decay, in part because they have less saliva to neutralize the acid in their mouths. Make sure to sip on water throughout the day to combat dry mouth. Carry a bottle if you need to. Gum, mints, and gels can all keep your mouth hydrated.

Drinking Lemon Water

While it’s crucial for your dental and overall health to remain hydrated, don’t make the mistake of drinking water with lemon. As the prior items on this list have shown, adding acid to your mouth can be damaging to your teeth, even though it’s diluted. Be mindful of how long it takes you to drink water with lemon. If you nurse that glass for hours, your enamel is at risk the entire time. You should also avoid brushing your teeth within 30 minutes after drinking lemon water.

Chewing on Ice

While chewing ice might feel satisfying for your mouth and can also satiate your thirst, it’s not great for your teeth. Because ice is so hard, it can cause cracks in your teeth and even fillings. This is bad news for chronic ice chewers.

Drinking Only Spring Water

Springwater may taste better and make you feel like you’re enjoying more luxurious hydration. However, it lacks the fluoride that’s added to tap water. This fluoride reduces tooth decay and actually becomes a component of your saliva when you drink enough of it.