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Most parents know that one of the biggest struggles in parenting may be getting kids to brush their teeth properly twice a day. The American Dental Association recommends that children brush their teeth at least twice a day for two minutes. Unfortunately, many kids don’t do this. Lack of dental hygiene may lead to plaque that causes dental decay. Luckily for parents, these teeth brushing apps are here to save the day.

Disney Magic Timer

Kids love brushing their teeth along with their favorite Disney, Star Wars and Marvel characters with this app. The longer they brush, the more of their favorite characters appear. The app is free, though users are encouraged to use Oral B or Crest dental products while using it.


Children get to be the hero in this app by rescuing classic storybook characters, such as knights, pirates, and dragons, by brushing their teeth. The characters have been put under a magic spell by an evil sorceress; tooth brushing makes the spells fade away and save the kingdom’s inhabitants.

Brush DJ

Kids who love music will enjoy bopping along to their favorite songs while brushing their teeth. With this app, two minutes of music is played from a cell phone or tablet while kids brush. Favorite songs can be used to form a playlist that they will enjoy listening to while getting their teeth sparkling clean. The app also helps parents by reminding them of necessary dental check-ups and when it’s time to change out toothbrushes.

Brush Teeth with Momo

The whole family can get in on the fun of good dental hygiene by brushing together. Children can brush with their parents (or on their own) with a character named Momo in this app. Kids will love choosing Momo’s toothbrush and toothpaste. Continual brushing earns the child points that they can use to customize their Momo.

Chomper Chums

Future zoologists and veterinarians will love learning about dental hygiene with their favorite animals. The app includes a variety of animals, including predators like lions and bears, to brush with. Tips, such as the best places to brush inside of the animal’s mouth, are shared while the app is in use.