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Just like in an adult’s teeth, cavities can develop in baby teeth as well. Tooth decay in baby teeth is a serious condition that if left untreated, can spread quickly to other teeth.

To prevent dental decay from happening it’s important to start proper oral hygiene as soon as baby’s first tooth erupts.

Read on to learn how you can prevent cavities in children:

Proper Oral Hygiene

Although not everyone parent does it, it’s a good idea to gently wipe baby’s gums after feeding. When their first tooth does appear, gently brush it after every feeding as well, or at least in the morning and evening before sleep.

Healthy Diet

Aside from very small infants, prevent cavities by feeding children a diet low in sugar. Fruit juice is loaded with sugar, so it’s best to limit the consumption. Sugar is known to create plaque, which can eventually lead to bacteria and eventually cavities. Allowing baby to fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth should be avoided.

Regular dental cleanings

Schedule the first dental visit around the age of one. Their dentist can examine their gums and also apply a protective fluoride to the teeth they do have. In addition, the earlier a child sees the dentist, the easier it will be when they go for regular cleanings.


Fluoride is essential for healthy teeth, especially in small children. Although most types of toothpastes contain fluoride, it might not be enough to protect their teeth. Ask your child’s dentist which brands are best. Also, make sure the water is enriched with fluoride as well. If not, supplementation might be necessary.

Tips for Tots

Children’s teeth need to last a lifetime, so the earlier good oral hygiene habits are instilled, the better. As they get older, parents can make teeth brushing something to look forward to. Think of innovative ways to reward children for brushing their teeth. Set up a prize box, which they can choose from when they brush for at least two minutes, both morning and before bed.

Most importantly, explain why dental health is so important for their overall health, have regular dental checkups and reassure them that a healthy smile is always the most beautiful smile.